Customizable, standards-compliant software simplifies secure wireless connectivity -

Customizable, standards-compliant software simplifies secure wireless connectivity


Designed to add secure wireless access-point functionality to embedded devices, the Air Secure Access Point (ASAP) concurrently supports many different generations of the 802.11 security technology found in today's wireless networks. The middleware product, developed by TeamF1 Inc., is a comprehensive, secure, managed access point solution. The supported protocols include WEP through WPA, up to WPA2/802.11i, in either personal (pre-shared key) or enterprise (802.1X) modes.

ASAP builds on the company's security frameworks adopted by many OEMs today as a part of its embedded security software family. It includes Krypto-Lite, a FIPS-certified common crypto framework, along with a suite of encryption and integrity components to secure and manage access point traffic. Krypto-Lite also allows the seamless integration of other optional security protocols, such as SSL/https, SSH, and IPsec/IKE.

Optimized editions for VxWorks and Linux are available with support for native OS network driver models, enhanced memory management, and seamless integration with other OS features. For more information visit the company's website at

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