Customized RoHS-compliant Java module is a SNAP -

Customized RoHS-compliant Java module is a SNAP


Imsys Technologies has just rolled out a new RoHS-compliant line ofembedded Java hardware/software modules for use in medical devices,industrial terminals and secure network applications based on itsIM1000 Java processor.

Based on the company's TINI-compatible SNAPmodule, a full and Sun Microsystems certified Java ME”CLDCimplementation runs in the Imsys IM1000 processor on the module.

Programs can be developed in freely available tools like Sun JDK andthe open source framework Eclipse, and sent to the module forexecution.

For programmers in need of using other languages the Imsys DeveloperPC host software offers a fully integrated design environment forhandling a mix of Java, C and ASM32 programming and debugging.

The modules come with memory sizes from 2 to 8MB. The RoHS-compliantSNAP is available now with pricing in 100 units quantities set at$128/each for the 4MB version.

Imsys Technologies AB
Stockhom, Sweden
+46 8 594 110 70

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