Cyan to give away ISM-band networking evaluation kits -

Cyan to give away ISM-band networking evaluation kits


EMBEDDED WORLD, Nurnberg — Cyan will be giving away a free evaluation kit for its RF-Solved ISM band networking solution by downloading a voucher and taking it along to the Cyan stand in hall 9, booth 578. The kits will be provided every day to eligible claimants on a first come-first served basis.

RF-Solved is part of Cyan’s family of Cy-Solved applications solutions, which are built upon the company’s configurable microcontroller chips. RF-Solved offers a unique level of flexibility to enable designers to escape the constraints and limitations of standards based alternatives.

This flexibility results from a combination of tools and rapidly customisable software built on top of ready to use solutions and a modular API platform.

RF-Solved can remove the need for users to understand the “black art” of RF and be incorporated as new connectivity into existing systems. It is well suited for use in applications such as remote sensors, automated and smart utility metering, industrial controls and asset monitoring.

The underlying protocol Cy-Net is an extended implementation of the MicrelNet cluster tree topology solution and can be adapted to support self healing, self forming networks, RF repeater based systems with complex tree or star network topologies, in addition to simple point-to-point communications.

The evaluation kit contains two Adaptive Modules AM001 plus development carrier boards. This enables evaluation of a basic network in a ready to go environment and allows programming via AT command set. Also included are the Cyan eICE USB dongle and CyanIDE toolchain, which enable the software on the eCOG1kG microcontroller to be customized to individual requirements.

Embedded World, Hall 9 Booth 578


  • This story appeared in the Embedded System Design Europe print edition covering January – February, 2008. European residents who wish to receive regular copies of this magazine can subscribe here.
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