Cypress merges F-RAMs into its fast-write NV memory line -

Cypress merges F-RAMs into its fast-write NV memory line


Very quickly after its acquisition of memory device maker Ramtron Inc., Cypress Semiconductor has moved to integrate the latter’s entire line of non-volatile ferroelectric memory devices into it’s existing range of fast-write non-volatile SRAMS from Cypress.

The merger between Cypress and Ramtron was officially completed on November 20, 2012.

According to Babak Taheri, Vice President of the Nonvolatile Products Business Unit at Cypress, F-RAM is the industry’s lowest-power nonvolatile memory, and will complement Cypress’s existing nonvolatile static random access memories (nvSRAMs), which are the world’s fastest.

This new combination, he said, serves a broad range of applications that require data to be retained when power is lost, noting that combined, over a billion units of Cypress nvSRAM and Ramtron F-RAM products have been shipped worldwide.

Taheri said Cypress is maintaining Ramtron part numbers to help support existing F-RAM customers. There will be no supply disruption for more than 95 percent of production parts, including all popular serial F-RAM memories and processor companions.

Along with popular serial and parallel interface memories, the Cypress nonvolatile memory portfolio also includes wireless memories commonly used in RFID tags and integrated products that combine nonvolatile memory with a real-time clock in one package.

“Ramtron developed F-RAM technology with industry-leading performance, and Cypress is committed to supporting these products with both our manufacturing expertise and our global sales team and distribution network,” said Dana Nazarian, Executive Vice President of the Memory Products Division at Cypress. “We plan to invest R&D resources in F-RAM technology as an integral part of our memory business.”

F-RAM and nvSRAM are inherently nonvolatile and do not require a battery backup. F-RAM memory cells inherently feature 10 trillion cycle endurance, fast single-cycle and symmetrical read/write speeds, low energy consumption, gamma radiation tolerance, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. These features make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, smart meters, medical devices, ePOS and printers.

Cypress’s nvSRAMs are manufactured on its S8 0.13-micron SONOS (Silicon Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded nonvolatile memory technology, enabling greater densities and improved access times and performance. nvSRAMs feature infinite read, write and recall cycles, with 20-year data retention.

This makes them the best solution for applications requiring continuous high-speed writing of data and absolute nonvolatile data security, including RAID, SSD, industrial automation, computing and gaming applications.

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  1. I wonder if Cypress is serious about continuing building on the FRAM technology, since they were already building components from a competing technology. Another question that comes to mind is whether Cypress is going to continue partnership with TI. I was

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