Cypress PSoC express design tool adds real-time debugging, tuning -

Cypress PSoC express design tool adds real-time debugging, tuning

San Jose, Calif. — Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced Version 3.0 of PSoC Express, a visual embedded system design tool for PSoC mixed-signal arrays. The Version 3.0 release delivers real-time monitoring and tuning of designs, allowing designers to improve the performance of designs using the company's CapSense touch sensing and EZ-Color high-brightness LED (HB-LED) control solutions.

Designers can now monitor application data via an I2C to USB bridge connected to a target board. PSoC Express acquires and logs the data and enables users to select variables, set sample rates, and watch updated variable values in real time. With the target board still running, the tuner allows users to adjust configurations and tune system performance.

In addition to the new monitoring and tuning functionality, PSoC Express 3.0 also offers a new user interface with the look and feel of Microsoft's Visual Studio. It enables flexible window docking, drag and drop placement of drivers and easy window switching. The new version also includes new functional drivers including support for high-brightness LEDs, a new wireless driver and a LCD driver.

A single PSoC device can integrate as many as 100 peripheral functions, which can save customers design time, board space and power consumption while improving system quality, said Cypress. System cost savings can range from 5 cents to as much as $10.

Availability: CapSense Touch Sensing Evaluation Kit (CY3203A-CapSense) and EZ-Color HB-LED Evaluation Kit (CY3261A-RGB) are available for testing the new features.
Product information: flash demo and download software, PSoC products, and free online training.

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