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D-Fabrix patents awarded to Elixent


BRISTOL, England — Elixent has been awarded a further four US patents for D-Fabrix, its reconfigurable algorithm processing (RAP) architecture. The patents cover the integration of multipliers in programmable arrays; reconfigurable processor devices; field programmable processor arrays; and the method and apparatus for providing instruction streams to processor devices.

The D-Fabrix RAP platform provides a reprogrammable solution for implementing algorithm processing in SOC devices. It does this using post-fabrication reconfigurable arrays and allows the creation of a “virtual hardware” accelerator for every algorithm in a system.

The reconfigurability enables it to implement multiple hardware accelerators in minimal silicon area. The reconfigurability allows functionality to be added or changed post-fabrication, enabling bugs to be fixed, new functions to be added, or even the whole chip to be customised.

D-Fabrix maps algorithms to a fine-grained processing array made up of ALUs, registers and memories, giving it the ability to adapt to any algorithm or datapath width.

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