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D2 VoIP software ported to Freescale MPC832323E

San Jose, CA
— D2 Technologies has announced the availability of its vPort VoIP software on Freescale Semiconductor's MPC8323E PowerQUICCR II Pro System on Chip (SoC) platform.

D2's vPort software platform provides advanced VoIP telephony capabilities such as protocol signaling, soft DSP voice algorithm processing, and advanced voice quality assurance technology such as jitter buffer and packet loss compensation. When combined with Freescale's MPC8323E converged communications processor, the platform offers manufacturers quick time to market to meet rising demand for triple- and quadruple-play gateways, integrated access devices (IADs), SME and SOHO routers and other networking products.

For more about vPort visit www.D2tech.com.

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