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DAB digital radio module achieves 100-hr. battery life

Frontier Silicon has launched the latest in its range of DAB modules. The Venice 4.0 FS2024 DAB/FM/RDS module consumes about 1/4 the battery power used by competing modules and enables battery powered radios to operate in DAB mode for over 100 hrs. using standard alkaline batteries. The module is electrically and mechanically compatible with previous versions of Frontier's Venice series, allowing manufacturers to upgrade their existing designs with improved battery life.

The baseband of Venice 4.0 also benefits from high integration, allowing the module to implement all of the processing functions required in an advanced DAB/FM/RDS radio. To further reduce system cost, the module offers the options of a software FM/RDS function, eliminating the need for a separate FM tuner chip.

Venice 4.0 can be used as a standalone DAB/FM receiver, or it can be integrated with other audio components using external microprocessor control via industry standard communications protocols. As a standalone receiver, the only additional components required to create a fully-featured digital and FM/RDS radio are a power source, antenna, LCD, and keypad. The module has a combined Band III and Band II input connector for DAB and FM so that only one antenna input is needed. For more information visit www.frontier-silicon.com.

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