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Danish university order largest ever for FEI


LONDON — The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has ordered seven FEI microscopes that will form the core of the University's new Center for Electron Nanoscopy (CEN).

The order, worth $11.5 million, represents the largest product sale ever for FEI (Hillsboro, OR) and includes two Titan scanning/transmission electron microscopes (S/TEMs), a Tecnai 20S-Twin TEM, a Helios NanoLab 600 DualBeam, a Quanta 200 3D ESEM DualBeam, a Quanta FEG SEM and an Inspect S low-vacuum SEM.

Installation of the systems is targeted for the second half of 2007 and DTU's Center for Electron Nanoscopy is scheduled to open at the end of 2007.

“The Center for Electron Nanoscopy at DTU will bring together some of the world's best nanotechnologists and the most advanced equipment available,” said Dr. Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, director of the new center. “Uniquely, one of the Titans at DTU will combine aberration correction and monochromation with the ability to introduce gases into the electron microscope. This will allow catalyst materials to be studied in their working environment with ultimate spatial resolution. Such capabilities are a big step forward for the development of new materials and nanotechnology in general.”

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