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DAQTron mixes tools to aid digital TV testing

AUSTIN,Texas — DAQTron Inc. ( Roswell, GA) , used NIWeek to release Trident Suite, a set of software and hardware packages designed to provide customized testing automation of digital television technologies based on National Instruments LabVIEW and NI TestStand software combine with PXI hardware.

The suite includes Trident Transport Stream Generator (TSG) which is used to create customized transport streams the content of which can be chosen by the user and can be video, still images, video streams and audio samples and streams. These transport streams generated can include system information for a number of different standards, including DVB, ATSC and ISDB.

The Trident Digital Video Generator (DVG) is used to transform customized transport stream files in to a single binary data format suitable for playback on National Instruments PXI RF signal generator (RFSG) hardware.

Binary data generated by the DVG is streamed by the Trident Digital Video Player (DVP) to NI RFSG hardware. DVP also perfoms other testing and error checking, such as bit error ration testing and adding impairments for signal quality tests.

In July DAQTron and Filtronic Signal Solutions (FSS) signed agreements that DAQTron would acquire the intellectual property, some equipment assets, and inventory of the Sigtek group in Columbia, MD. DAQTron will provide sales and support for existing products such as the ST-260C from their Atlanta office, with development efforts for new products such as the 260D DOCSIS 3.0 RF Tracer continuing in Maryland.

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