Data acquisition out of the box -

Data acquisition out of the box


Livingston, UK — The SAT-14 advanced data acquisition system developed by Scalar Acquisition Technology is web enabled and is capable of performing high resolution transient data capture over hundreds, even thousands of channels simultaneously.

The platform independent, multi-channel simultaneous transient data acquisition system provides remote control, via any web browser, over an Ethernet connection (up to 1 Gigabit), and can export data in MATLAB and other standard file formats.

The design brief was to produce a tool that could be used by non-data acquisition experts in earth sciences, aerospace and defence, automotive testing, modelling and simulation production monitoring and vibration analysis sectors.

A SAT-14 system is built up of one or more system elements which are normally supplied in a 4U 19inch rack-mounted enclosure. Each System Element contains a processor and power supply, and a number of data acquisition cards. System Elements can be stacked and operated simultaneously to build up a large multi-channel system with simultaneous operation of several hundred channels or more.

A single System Element can record 8 channels sampling simultaneously at 10MSPS for 6.4 seconds, or 64 channels sampling at 1.8MSPS for 4.4 seconds, or some other combination of sample rate and record length between these two extremes.

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