Data Acquisition Toolbox adds CompactDAQ support -

Data Acquisition Toolbox adds CompactDAQ support


The R2010b release of Data Acquisition Toolbox from MathWorks now enables engineers and scientists to use National Instruments CompactDAQ data acquisition hardware directly from MATLAB.

Data Acquisition Toolbox supports more than 25 CompactDAQ devices, providing access to measurements that include voltage, current, and temperature.

The toolbox enables customers to acquire data simultaneously from multiple CompactDAQ modules using either background acquisition or foreground acquisition. With background acquisition, engineers can now analyze and visualize the data as they collect it. With foreground acquisition, engineers can collect their data in blocks for post analysis in MATLAB.

A new application programming interface (API) lets engineers control these devices and acquire data from them using only a few lines of MATLAB code.

Data Acquisition Toolbox supports devices from National Instruments, Measurement Computing, Data Translation, Advantech, and other manufacturers.  

Data Acquisition Toolbox is available for Microsoft Windows platform and list prices start at $1000.

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