Data logger compatible with platinum resistance thermometers -

Data logger compatible with platinum resistance thermometers


The PT-104 USB/Ethernet data logger from Pico Technology can record four channels of temperature, voltage and resistance in any combination. It is compatible with standard, low-cost PT100 and PT1000 platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) including 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire types.

By using calibrated reference resistors instead of semiconductor voltage references in its measuring circuits, the PT-104 is less susceptible to temperature drift and provides higher stability.

The PT-104’s temperature measuring range is -200 to +800 degrees Celsius, with an accuracy of 0.01 degrees and a resolution of 0.001 degrees. Resistance ranges are 0 to 375 ohms and 10 kilohms with an accuracy of 1 microhm, and voltage ranges are 0 to 115 mV and 2.5 V with an accuracy of 156 microvolts. Conversion resolution in all modes is 24 bits.

The PT-104 is supplied with Pico Technology’s PicoLog data logging software, which runs on any Windows PC (Windows XP or later). PicoLog can collect data from any number of PT-104 loggers at programmable intervals from 720 milliseconds per channel up to minutes, hours or even days.

Results can be simultaneously displayed in a monitor window with optional limit alarms, and as a live graph and a table. Data can be exported in a standard text format compatible with other spreadsheet and analysis programs.

The dual USB/Ethernet interface allows the logger to be used in a variety of situations such as USB-only, USB-powered with Ethernet interface, and Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Using the Ethernet interface, the PT-104 can be located anywhere on a LAN or on the global internet.

The PT-104 USB/Ethernet data logger is covered by a free 5-year parts-and-labor warranty against manufacturing faults.

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