Data logger includes Modbus and SCADA support -

Data logger includes Modbus and SCADA support

The dataTaker DT82I from CAS DataLoggers Inc. is a stand alone, low power data logger has USB memory stick support, 18 bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and built-in display.

It can be used in a variety of applications such as equipment monitoring research and development, vehicle testing, fault identification, energy monitoring, and process monitoring.

The DT82I’s dual channel design allows up to 4 isolated or 6 common referenced analog inputs to be used in a number of combinations.  The universal input allows the measurement of a variety of sensors including thermocouples, RTD’s thermistors, and strain gauges as well as voltage, process current, resistance and frequency.  

It provides support for Modbus sensors and SCADA systems, FTP and Web interfaces, and switchable, regulated outputs to power sensors as well. Digital I/O channels and high speed counters can be used to monitor equipment status or to count events or pulses.  

With the standard unit able to store up to 10 million data points (expandable) as much or as little data can be recorded as needed. Options include the ability to overwrite or stop logging once allocated memory is full, archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer via FTP.

Communications include locally via USB, RS232 or Ethernet, or connecting remotely through a modem or over the Internet. The web interface allows users to configure the DT82I, access logged data and see current measurements as mimics or in a list using a web browser. FTP provides data via the internet or mobile phone network, without the need for polling or specific host software.
Pricing for the DT82I starts at less than $1700.

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