Data logger uses cellular modem for remote monitoring -

Data logger uses cellular modem for remote monitoring

CAS DataLoggers has worked with dataTaker to introduce the DT85M series 3 intelligent data logger designed for remote monitoring.

It features an integrated cellular modem for advanced communication options and a backlit LCD display shows channel data, alarms, and system status, navigable with the 6-button keypad. The remote monitoring equipment features a temperature operating range of -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F) and up to 85% RH.

The DT85M's construction of powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum provides dependable operation in almost any environment. Peak power requirement of 12W allows use of a smaller solar panel without impacting its performance.

This  data monitoring solution enables automatic data delivery so operators can schedule their data to be emailed at set time intervals; they can also send logged data to an FTP server. The data logger's internal storage capacity is 128MBs, in addition to removable USB storage device support.

Configurable alarm conditions can also be used to trigger data delivery and send alarm messages to multiple email addresses or mobile phones. Data retrieval is always just a few clicks away–users can access the data logger's live and historical data as well as view information through several charts, mimics and tables.

The DT85M features 16 analog input channels, expandable up to 320 channels and 960 analog points using optional CEM20 modules, as well as 12 flexible digital channels. The logger also has up to 48 analog sensor inputs with 2 serial 'smart sensor' ports. Fundamental inputs include voltage, current, resistance and frequency.

The data logger supports a range of sensors including, but not limited to, thermocouples, RTD, thermistors, monolithic temperature sensors, and 4-20mA. Maximum sample speed is 25Hz with 18 bits of effective resolution. Modbus is supported for SCADA connection, as well as multiple SDI-12 interfaces for environmental sensors.

The DT85M's graphical interface, dEX, comes pre-installed and enables quick setup and configuration of the remote monitoring system. dEX is an intuitive, web based interface that runs and is configured directly from Internet Explorer, Firefox or other web browser, so it can be accessed either locally or remotely over the Internet.

Operators can use any of the data logger's built-in communications ports to view dEX, including Ethernet, or USB. dEX is cross-platform, working on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux and comes pre-installed on every data logger in the DT80 range. This free software is included without any applications to install. Using the data logger's internal modem, users can even reconfigure the system remotely over the Internet.

Common applications for the data logger include agricultural research, weather stations, structural monitoring, vehicle testing, fault identification, and many more. It's designed for use anywhere traditional LAN connection is impossible.

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