DATA MODUL: 23.1” ultra-stretched TFT display with smart control -

DATA MODUL: 23.1” ultra-stretched TFT display with smart control


With the 23.1” S231AJ1-LE1 from Innolux, DATA MODUL can now expand their product portfolio to include an exceptionally slim TFT display. Originally designed for POS and POI applications, due to consistently increasing demand in this area, this format conquers other, new areas of application in combination with optional Wi-Fi control and flexible integration opportunities.

The 597 x 60mm panel is produced on a cut-edge-free native photomask and is therefore superior, in terms of quality and price, to other comparable models that have been cut from a standard display. With a brightness of 500cd/m², a brilliant 1920 x 158 pixel resolution, an extra-wide viewing angle of 89° (Super-MVA) and a contrast ratio of 3000:1, the panel is always perfectly readable. The operating temperature is between 0 and 50°C. The TFT display has an LVDS interface, integrated LED converter and is designed to be operated 24/7.

The display comes as a ready-to-use set directly from the manufacturer, which is ideal as it means that you can get it up and running straight away. Here, the embedded board and media player are already integrated into a metal casing. Images, videos, tickers or a media mix can be directly stored in the 8GB flash memory using a micro-USB, a microSD card or preferably a Wi-Fi network (802.11 b/g/n). As it is IP-based, an unlimited number of sets can be centrally controlled either individually or in groups and content can be modified in seconds.

The set, which is also 597 x 60mm and which has a depth of 15.8mm (including the supplied wall mount), can be used as an electronic label on store shelves in its simplest application, therefore replacing the laborious process of writing and replacing paper price signs. As a strong competitor, the panel represents a low-cost and attractive alternative to ePaper displays and is particularly well-suited for use in the area of digital signage because of its powerful features. For example, it can be used to play back advertising films in full HD resolution.

In many other applications, such as HMI, transportation, waiting areas or in shop designs, this new slim shape factor also brings usable added value. As a Visual Solution Premium Partner, DATA MODUL accompanied the product through its feasibility study and is currently developing its own alternative control solution. To offer the greatest possible benefit to customers, DATA MODUL engineers are working out how to connect it to complex content management systems.

Both the S231AJ1-LE1 display and the U231AZZ-LE1 set (including the free software tool) will be on display at embedded world 2019.

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