DATA MODUL and next system sign cooperation agreement -

DATA MODUL and next system sign cooperation agreement


PCAP (projected capacitive) technology has established itself in numerous industrial and medical applications. Developments such as multi-finger and gloved operation and operating through liquids have become standard. With the latest sensor, controller and bonding technologies, DATA MODUL offers customers advantages in product development for several years. However, further developments of touch technology usually only make sense if a need can be met or aroused. In addition to force sensing and hover gesture control, haptic feedback offers the ideal combination of innovation, operating safety and intelligence for numerous customer applications.

Offering customers all currently available technologies, DATA MODUL and Austrian haptic touch technology experts next system have formed a partnership. The next system technology is characterized by a very direct, regulated control and movement of the touch surface. Thus, a wide variety of haptic functions can be realized: from the emulation of a real “click frog button” to sliders and freely definable input elements.

Haptic feedback is generated by mechanical movement as a reaction to a touch event. The user thus receives confirmation that his input has taken place. This technology is typically applied in operator terminals for ATMs or elevator controls. The haptic touch from next system ensures simple operation of smooth glass surfaces. This sensitive innovation offers users with impaired vision an advantage that a conventional PCAP solution cannot offer.

For industrial applications, the integrated force measurement allows additional safety functions to be implemented via freely definable thresholds. In addition to visually impaired users, users of operating devices in all safety-relevant applications, such as intensive care medicine, where the user does not always have the screen in view, also benefit from the clear, haptic feedback of the touch event.

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