DATA MODUL: automotive level 7” TFT for portable, mobile outdoor use -

DATA MODUL: automotive level 7” TFT for portable, mobile outdoor use


At Ortustech, it’s not just the TFT portfolio which is continuing to grow, but the panels themselves which are also growing in size. As of now, the high-resolution (800 x 480 dots) COM70H7M24ULC, a 7” TFT panel in landscape mode, is available as part of the product line. The display is equipped with Blanview 2 technology, which particularly proves its worth in sunlight-intensive outdoor use. Even at 7”, the readability remains unabatedly good, even in critical environmental conditions. The temperature range has been significantly expanded from its standard value of -20 to 70°C, to -30 to 85°C.

Thanks to VA technology, the displays offer high contrast values, a natural, brilliant color reproduction without color value shifting, with excellent whiteness and an 80° viewing angle from all sides.  The backlight is specified with a service life of 100,000 hours, saves approx. 30% electricity in comparison with conventional TFT LCDs, and makes the panels of interest for portable, mobile applications and battery-operated applications in particular due to its flat, light and compact design. Additionally, the LVDS interface enables simple integration with quick transfer rates.

Many large TFT manufacturers develop no, or only a few models with touch panels. For standard sizes such as the 7” display from Ortustech, DATA MODUL offers the opportunity of assembling a touch panel from the easyTouch family, or of directly developing a customer-specific touch panel which will then be applied in-house in the clean room. Optimized touch versions are available from entry to advanced levels by means of AirGap, LOCA or Gel bonding. Alternatively, resistive touch panels can also be implemented. Upon request, these are also delivered by the Munich-based display specialist with additional features, e.g. in designs with many options, e.g. anti-reflection film, anti-fingerprint film, smooth touch film, privacy filter, etc., and as part of a kit, equipped with eMotion LCD control, developed in-house.

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