DATA MODUL: customer-oriented digital signage solutions on show at ISE -

DATA MODUL: customer-oriented digital signage solutions on show at ISE

DATA MODUL presents current Visual Solutions / Digital Signage Solutions for use in POS and POI at the ISE in Amsterdam.

This year´s highlight is a 42″ Narrow Bezel Protected E-LED with customized features. In conjunction with respective software the camera and a microphone, both inconspicuously built into the front bezel, can realize a variety of demanding features. At the fair feature examples like people counting and volume measurement are being shown. On request further features like gender-determination (m/f), age estimation, live streaming, and many more are possible. All this information can be visualized and evaluated by using the Data Modul software suite “maXcs®”.

DATA MODUL also sees an increasing customer demand for Electronic Paper Displays (EPD). That is why DATA MODUL will be exhibiting a 31.2″ color EPD monitor at ISE. The essential competitive advantage of EPD is its extremely low power consumption: electricity is only needed for changing displayed content. So far, content presentation on EPDs was almost only available in black and white, now displaying colors is also possible. EPDs are thus perfect suited for menu cards, digital posters, amongst other applications.

The 86″ ultra-stretched UHD display is one of DATA MODUL's best-selling panels, designed specifically for applications that require a special form factor. This TFT is a high-resolution panel in an unusual format with brilliant color depth for unrestricted readability from any viewing angle. It is a perfect basis for monitor / Panel PC solutions, e.g. for digital signage, airports or railway applications.

At the ISE, DATA MODUL will be presenting an in-house design Panel PC version with a complete P20-protected aluminum casing. The device is equipped with a Core i3 CPU, which allows the perfect presentation of even demanding content. In addition to this, visitors can see stretched monitors in the formats of 23.1″, 29″, 37″ and 42″. Comprehensive information about DATA MODUL´s portfolio of user-specific added value as well as the possibilities of individual complete monitor solutions and the integration of embedded solutions will be provided at the DATA MODUL booth.

With the ALLIGATOR, DATA MODUL presents the next generation of digital customer stoppers. In cooperation with xplace DATA MODUL developed this display solution for the use in POS / POI.

The ALLIGATOR can be used to show individual and automatically changing animations, moving pictures and videos. In addition, the portrait format of the built-in AUO 43″ Full HD TFT display significantly increases customer attention. Content, display duration, sequence and frequency of appearance are individually adjustable via the already installed content management software. Each content can easily be uploaded on different devices by using LAN or WLAN.

Data Modul also presents a concept study of a self-sufficient “BUS” Stop Terminal. Solar cells and Low Power EPD technology allow the installation even in locations with no supply voltage at all. On 1 x 31.2″ EPD and 3 x 13.3″ EPDs in monochrome display, information combinations of e.g. timetables and advertising or current schedule updates and traffic information, etc. are displayed.

In signage applications ultra bright (high brightness) displays are a necessity in light-filled environments and outdoor areas. With a 21.5″ and a 31.5″ open frame monitor, DATA MODUL introduces two high-class high-brightness panels, with PCAP MultiTouch and rugged safety glass. Both monitors are equipped with a Full HD industrial TFT panel, thus ensuring long-term availability. Due to excellent brightness values of 1,500 nits, both monitors can be read even in direct sunlight without hindrance. The VGA, DVI, DP ports ensure the flexibility according to customer’s demands. Open frame mechanics allow easy monitor integration into existing systems, like Kiosk, vending machines, DS steles and customer terminals.

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