DATA MODUL: new generation of PCAP touch analysis tools easyANALYZER 4.0 -

DATA MODUL: new generation of PCAP touch analysis tools easyANALYZER 4.0

easyTOUCH is the name of the PCAP/PCT (projective capacitive) touch system for industrial applications developed and produced by DATA MODUL. With this, cover glasses, sensors, displays and controllers are connected with one another and perfectly coordinated. The PCAP system can be optimally parametrised by the touch controller. As a result, it is protected against influences, such as grid bound disruptions. The specifically developed easyTOUCH (USB) controller supports industrial customers with various features throughout the product integration process with integrated DATA MODUL (driverless) firmware.

The Munich-based system solution provider has further developed the easyANALYZER for improved visualisation of a PCAP touch display and its optimal configuration. This support tool is a free program with which the operator can individually define, adjust and change the settings and parameters of their touch display.

With the further developed generation 4.0, DATA MODUL now offers a Europe-wide unique tool, which differentiates and supports two PCAP-controller manufacturers (Microchip and ILITEK) within one item of software. The easyANALYZER 4.0 independently recognises the implemented (USB) controller and the adjusted settings, and enables possible changes, for example the sensitivity (touch threshold) or the definition of the touch event number (finger) etc. by using the documentation. Advantage of the controllers by Microchip or Ilitek is the same look and feel, and the identical Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

Depending on the project, the pre-parametrised settings must still be adjusted on the easyTOUCH controller. With this tool, it is very easy for application engineers and customers to find the optimal configuration for the touch implementation . After all, it is not always clear at the beginning of a project how the touch system will be integrated and the possible disturbances could occur. With the easyANALYZER 4.0, the settings can be finely tuned independent of the controller and then fixed for the project. In order to facilitate or speed up finetung, the customer can pre-parametrise various scenarios in advance and send them to the DATA MODUL application engineer. The final setting is archived and made available for production. Also new to this version are the revised graphical 3D presentation of debugging data (reference and delta) and the intuitive, dynamic GUI. For optimal operability, this is now customisable.

All in all, the easyANALYZER 4.0 provides the optimal communicative link between the touch system, customer and the application engineer. This connection has a single, common goal: finding the optimal, trouble-free overall solution.

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