Data monitor integrated with debug engine -

Data monitor integrated with debug engine


Nuremberg, Germany — Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has developed a version of its StethoScope for use with the PLS Universal Debug Engine (UDE).

StethoScope is a real-time graphical data monitoring tool that allows developers to analyze a real-time application while it is running. StethoScope provides oscilloscope-like capabilities to visualize any variable or memory location, watch any set of variables, see peak values and glitches, and trigger collection on specific events — a live analysis without stopping or slowing a running application.

The Universal Debug Engine provides emulator-like debug functionality including hardware breakpoints, hardware triggers and trace features, and enables extremely rapid debug cycles on resource-limited target boards, based on ARM, ST Micro or

The integrated solution connects the host development platform via a parallel, USB or FireWire connection to the UDE. The UDE is connected to the target board by means of a JTAG or on-chip debug monitor, providing flexible access to the embedded system.

Implemented in both the development and the production stages, the UDE helps application developers work effectively and with precision, from the debug phases through deployment.

StethoScope for UDE is available worldwide through PLS for PC based development environments running Windows 2000/NT/XP.

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