Database serves five-nines embedded systems -

Database serves five-nines embedded systems


The ExtremeDB high availability in-memory database, a fault tolerant system for data management in intelligent devices, features an architecture based on a time-cognizant, two-phase commit protocol that ensures changes to the main instance (MI) database and identical standby instances (SI) succeed or fail together, thus avoiding potential problems that propagation latency could cause. The architecture enables deployment of multiple synchronized databases within separate hardware instances, with connection via standard or proprietary communications protocol.

The ExtremeDB HA protocol detects any main instance hardware or software failure and notifies a standby copy of the application to elect one standby database instance to take over the role of master database. Similarly, the protocol recognizes failure in standby database instances, resulting in termination of the SI's connection to the MI database and notification to the application so that corrective measures can be taken.

A beta release of the eXtremeDB HA is available now for evaluation.

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