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Daughterboard modules support USB 2.0 over copper and fiber optics

Burnaby, B.C. — Icron Technologies Corp. has released the ExtremeUSB 2.0 Core 2100 Module daughterboards. Implementing Icron's latest generation ExtremeUSB extension technology, the highly integrated Core 2100 Modules offer twice the range at half the price of previous Icron USB 2.0 solutions. It also reduces board area requirements by 66% and cuts the total solution bill-of-materials (BOM) in half, compared to previous generation modules.

These small-form-factor embedded modules enable customers to locate USB 2.0 devices including keyboards, mice, web cameras, DVD players, printers, scanners and MP3 players, remotely from a PC host. Standard implementations support USB 2.0 extension up to 100 meters over Cat 5 and up to 10 kilometers over fiber optics.

The USB 2.0 extension solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including industrial automation/control, KVM extension and enterprise remote desktops, security, digital signage, home network integration, automotive telematics, and factory floor control.

The Core 2100 Modules and the previously released Ranger 2101 and 2104 products support USB 2.0 and classic 1.1 host controllers with no additional software drivers required for operation. All major operating systems are supported including Windows Vista, Windows XP, MAC O/S and Linux.

Pricing: The Icron Core 2100 starts at $144 per pair.
Availability: The Core 2100 Development Kit and Core 2100 Modules are shipping today.
Product information: Core 2100 Modules

Icron Technologies Corp. , www.icron.com

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