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Davra Networks debuts “breakthrough” end-to-end IoT management platform

Anticipating there is going to be a data and device traffic joam of monumental proportions as the so-called Internet of Things takes off, Davra Networks has come out of stealth mode to launch an end-to-end platform for managing the data from the array of devices, sensors, wearables, and gateways that companies will have to aggregate and evaluate.

According to Davra Networks CEO Paul Glynn, the company's new RuBAN is designed for connectivity management tasks for everything from utilizing ‘fog computing’ to collecting data from sensors to presenting it as usable intelligence on the desktop. In the company's approach (Figure below), he said, data is gathered, filtered and managed near its source, sent to the cloud, then turned into insightful business intelligence. It also handles automated network troubleshooting, response and problem repair remotely.

Glynn said that of the estimated 50 billion connected devices that may be deployed by 2020, most will not have a direct connection to the cloud but will pass their data through local gateways or router where as a result, most of the generated data is irrelevant. For example if a sensor is simply sending a status message, or one that says what its monitors is unchange, that is the kind of ifnromation that could be dumped. And without a device management system that understands these tradeoffs, many IoT network my be sending a lot of unnceessary data.

Glynn said the company's cloud-based RuBAN platform is being offered as a way to build new data services while focusing on data reduction. In Davra's approach, data is gathered, filtered, and managed near its source, and only relevant information is sent to the cloud and using Cisco's fog computing concept, sets up a set of rules that run on the company servers to judge the relevance and usefulness of the data to be collected.

The RuBAN platform can present the data on any connected interface, he said and requires no customization. It also handles automated network troubleshooting, response, and problem repair remotely. He said RuBAN platform allows companies to translate raw network and sensor data into an easily accessible open format that can be analyzed and presented to their own highly visual GUI or fed to third-party app developers and data consumption tools such as ERP systems, CRM and predictive analytics tools.

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