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Dc-dc converter IP fits SoCs in Li-Ion battery apps


LTRIM Technologies' LTR2500-T13M Li-Ion battery compatible dc-dc converter IP block is now available in TSMC CMOS mixed-signal/RF 0.13-micron technology. The high efficiency, synchronous step-down (buck) dc-dc converter IP block is suited for SoC-based power management solutions powered by Li-Ion or three-cell alkaline batteries. The part gives SoC designers the ability to integrate power management into their SoCs to improve system performance and extend battery life while reducing overall cost and pcb area.

The LTR2500-T13M includes many features that make it useful for battery-powered devices. The wide input voltage range (2.5 to 5.0V) of the IP block lets designers employ popular Li-Ion and/or three-cell alkaline batteries. The IP block provides a constant output voltage while operating across the complete Li-Ion battery’s range. The part operates at a high efficiency, up to 92%, and includes sleep and shutdown modes.

For highly reliable power supply performance, the device converts the input to outputs from 1.2 to 1.8 V with a guaranteed output current of 100 mA. More information on LTRIM’s products and services can be found atwww.ltrim.com.

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