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Dc-to-dc converters feature high-speed transient response


Murata's high-speed response MPDRX series of dc-to-dc converter modules are point-of-load (POL) non-isolated devices. Such parts are particularly useful in FPGA and microprocessor applications that require good regulation and a fast response to the high-current transients they generate during normal operation.

A traditional converter's output voltage can dip significantly when exposed to a sudden jump in load current. The MPDRX series eliminates much of the effect of the load current transient condition by reducing the resulting output voltage variation by up to 85%. In addition, the converters offer an excellent pass-through transient response, making them suitable for intermediate bus architectures (IBA), where an unregulated 12-V bus input can vary enough to generate a high transient voltage from a traditional POL converter output to an FPGA load. The MPDRX series responds to such unregulated input voltage swings with 95% less variation on the output and an almost immediate recovery time.

Using a ripple detection converter approach and a patent-pending design technique, the MPDRX series eliminates much of the board-space traditionally required by converters in high transient-current load environments. Prices start at $10.25 in large quantities. Additional information can be found at www.murata.com/power/index.html.

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