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DDR2 memory modules roll with enhanced JEDEC form factors

San Jose, Calif.—Virtium Technology Inc. announced its DDR2 Very Low Profile (VLP) and DDR2 Ultra Low Profile (ULP) blade memory modules for embedded computing applications.

Both memory modules are designed with significant enhancements to the JEDEC standard, including reduced module height and densities up to 4-Gbytes.

Virtium's VLP memory modules now include DDR2 VLP SODIMM, VLP SO-RDIMM and VLP SO-CDIMM. Virtium's DDR2 ULP memory modules now include ULP Mini-RDIMM, ULP RDIMM and ULP UDIMM form factors.

Virtium enhanced the JEDEC VLP memory module standard by offering VLP SODIMMs at densities up to 4-Gbytes. Virtium's ULP memory module series offers DIMM heights of 0.70 inches compared with the JEDEC standard of 0.72 inches.

All Virtium's VLP and ULP memory modules are available in industrial temperature extended temperature range, and are suitable as AdvancedTCA memory, AdvancedMC memory, MicroTCA memory, PicoTCA memory and AMC memory for blade applications and PICMG SBCs.

For specific part numbers, mechanical specifications, datasheets or to request memory module samples, click here.

Virtium Technology, 1-888-VIRTIUM (1-888-847-8486), www.virtium.com

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