Deadline looms for R&D grants -

Deadline looms for R&D grants

LONDON — The Electronics KTN have been appointed as an agent by the Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) to award three Industrial CASE (Collaborative award in science & engineering) awards. Closing date for applications is August 15, 2008.

The EPSRC grant covers the students stipend of £63,789 over 3.5 years, with a minimum company contribution of £21,263. It is expected that a proportion of this contribution would be used to top-up the student's minimum stipend. The company is also required to cover all expenses (e.g. travel and accommodation) for any time the student spends at the sponsoring company, plus expenses of the research student.

In addition, the company must provide mentoring resource for the student for the project, as well as three months on site work experience.

The company can specify the research project of their choice, and work with universities to identify a suitable student. Projects are eligible to start any time from September 5, 2008 but all projects must have begun no later than September 1, 2009.

IP rights are agreed mutually between the research student, university and company at the outset of the project.

Subjects suitable for the grant include healthcare or medical devices; high frequency RF applications; development of embedded systems; power management and control devices, for either efficiency, scavenging or generation; nanotechnologies embedded into embedded systems; and foothill projects relating to the Grand Challenges for Microelectronics.

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