Deal brings fibre tools to the U.K. -

Deal brings fibre tools to the U.K.


LONDON — Fibre Technologies has signed an agreement with Swedish company Future Instrument, to distribute its range of fibre optic equipment in the U.K.

As its only UK partner, Fibre Technologies (Crowthorne, U.K.) will now be able to supply the EFS-150 fusion splicer and a range of video inspection tools for safer and easier monitoring of fibre connectors.

The EFS-150 fusion splicer takes between six and seven seconds to do a splice, resulting in minimal light loss during the process. It uses a single button operation and has automatic environment compensation making splices consistent regardless of the external temperature and conditions.

Fibre Technologies has also taken on board Future Instrument’s VIP-1 video inspection probe and VM-1 video microscope which provide a safe and quick way to look inside a fibre using a video probe, with the readings displayed on a small monitor worn on the wrist.

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