Deal enables MOSIS to offer XAP 16-bit processors -

Deal enables MOSIS to offer XAP 16-bit processors

LONDON — Cambridge Consultants has teamed up with multi-project wafer (MPW) services provider, MOSIS, to enable royalty-free access to their XAP4 and XAP5 16-bit RISC processor cores.

Customers only have to pay 20% of the nominal license fee during prototype production with the balance of the fee not being due until devices go into volume production or are sold.

XAP processors are delivered in Verilog RTL and users can verify their systems in FPGA before proceeding to ASIC synthesis.

The processors have privileged operating system modes, position-independent code and high code density support for real time operating systems and applications. Typical applications include short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee and near field communications.

XAP cores are designed for high volume, cost-sensitive applications where traditional processor architectures are not sufficiently powerful and 32-bit devices are overkill in terms of size, power consumption and cost.

Cambridge Consultants’ xIDE integrated software development environment can be used with the cores and includes GNU C compilers, instruction set simulators and debuggers.

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