Deal provides channel for 3D prototypes -

Deal provides channel for 3D prototypes

LONDON — Rapid prototyping technology, manufactured by Objet Geometries (Rehovot, Israel) is now available to U.K. design, research and development specialists, following the appointment of Unimatic Engineers (London) as exclusive agent for the education and research sectors in the U.K. and Ireland.

Objet’s Eden Rapid Prototyping system produces accurate, smooth and durable three dimensional workpieces, using PolyJet photopolymer-jetting technology. A dispensing head traverses back and forth laying down super-thin (16-micron or 0.0006 inch) layers to build up the design in three dimensions.

Existing European customers for the technology includes VW, Audi, BMW, Opel, Bosch-Siemens, Playmobil, Ford, Logitech, and Gillette.

Objet's technology is protected by more than 40 granted and pending patents. The latest generation of PolyJet accurately jets 600 x 300 dots per inch in super thin layers which dry almost instantly. Immediately after building each layer, ultraviolet bulbs alongside the jetting bridge emit UV light so that each layer is cured and hardened before the deposition of the next.

Two different materials are used for building: one material is used for the actual model, while a second, gel-like photopolymer material is used for support. When the model is completed, a water jet removes this support material.

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