Deal widens access to dual OS software -

Deal widens access to dual OS software

Swindon, UK — LocSoft Distribution has signed a franchise agreement to supply CeWin, a real time extension to Windows from KUKA Controls of Weingarten, Germany.

CeWin can combine two operating systems so they can run concurrently on the same PC. It provides the hardware and real time features of Windows CE in a Windows XP/2000 look and feel environment.

The software only extension for Windows guarantees deterministic response on interrupts which are targeted to Windows CE. These interrupts can be generated by any PCI- or ISA- PC plug in board controlled by Windows CE and always have a higher priority than the desktop Windows.

As long as at least one Windows CE task is active, the processor's execution time is available exclusively for the real time Windows CE. This is done when Windows CE falls into the 'idle task' which allows the programmer to control the sharing of the processor between the two operating systems as required by the application.

KUKA's technology has already been applied in more than 50,000 robots worldwide but CeWin can be used in a range of applications.

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