Debug feature eases development for Nucleus PLUS users -

Debug feature eases development for Nucleus PLUS users


Mobile, Ala. — Nucleus software developers using ARM RealView tools will now have the support they need to debug their complex real-time systems.

A Running System Debug (RSD) enhancement that supports the ARM RealView Developer has been added to the Nucleus PLUS-real-time kernel from Accelerated Technology, the embedded systems division of Mentor Graphics Corp. (Mobile, Ala.).

When developing real-time systems, Nucleus software application engineers can now continue running the CPU while stopping certain Nucleus software tasks. The ability to analyze the system while the CPU continues to run is useful in interrupt-driven embedded applications, according to Accelerated Technology.

“Debugging real-time systems introduces complexity not found in other types of applications,” said Robert Day, director of marketing, embedded systems division, Mentor Graphics. “For systems such as a hard disk drive, halting the system to debug it could cause catastrophic damage to the hardware.”

Accelerated also cited mechanical control as an application that can benefit from the RSD feature. The tasks controlling sensor movement and position can continue running while application threads are debugged.

The Nucleus embedded software is sold in source code format and without royalty fees. Licenses for the RSD enhancement for Nucleus software begin at $1,295.

Accelerated Technology , 1-800-468-6853,

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