Debug tools support multiple application debugging -

Debug tools support multiple application debugging


Support for multiple application debugging has been added to the entire family of Crossware debugging tools, which makes it possible to debug different applications running simultaneously on the same target board. Programmers can use this capability to develop applications that are to be transferred from a remote location and programmed into flash using a boot loader running on the target board. Simultaneous source level debugging of both the boot loader and the applications allows the programmer to observe and control the operation of the software system as a whole. While one developer develops the boot loader, another can use a preliminary version of the boot loader to develop the application.

The boot loader includes facilities for receiving the stream of data that constitutes the application and for programming this data into flash memory. Once the application is programmed into flash, the boot loader can transfer control to it. Control is transferred back to the boot loader when the application needs to be updated or replaced, or when a second application on the target board needs to run.

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