Debugging C at the Source Level -

Debugging C at the Source Level


Full-screen source- level debuggers like Microsoft Code View and Borland TurboDebugger have become the standard testing tools for C programmers developing PC applications. These debuggers enable you to view your program as if each C statement is an “atomic operation” and each C data object is a “natural object” for the machine. When necessary, you can zoom in on a module and view it as a sequence of machine instructions and primitive data objects, just as if you had written it in assembly language. Some debuggers allow you to mix these views and see the machine instructions intermingled with the C statements. 'Ibis debugging technology has made the PC programmer much more productive and enabled large projects to be tackled by relatively small programming teams.

Now the same technology is becoming available to programmers working on embedded systems. In fact, with a PC as the host, you can often “cross-debug” a target embedded system just as if it were a PC application. This workshop discusses the current state of C development tools for the PC and shows how they are being adapted for use in typical embedded system (ES) environments. Then we review the capabilities of the Code View class of debuggers and show how they can be used to improve your ES testing efficiency.

ESC_1991_Vol2_Page406_Schmitt – Debugging C at the Source Level.pdf

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