Debugging tools reach out to latest processors -

Debugging tools reach out to latest processors

Santa Clara, Calif.—Macraigor Systems LLC has extended the reach of OCDemon, its proprietary on-chip debugging technology, to include the ARM Ltd.’s ARM1136, Freescale Semiconductor’s i.MX31, and Intel’s 81342 Dual XScale processors. At the same time, the company is offering version 6.3 GNU tool sets for use with these processors and Macraigor Systems interfaces at no charge.

These latest ports mean you can control and debug system hardware and software using these processors without the need for UARTs, Ethernet connections, or parallel ports.

As for the tool kit, it consists of the GNU compiler collection (gcc), which includes front ends for C and C++ ARM compilers; GNU assembler (gas), which converts ARM assembly language source code in binary object files; and GNU project debugger (gdb/insight); which gives a view into program execution.

The GNU toolkit the ARM1136, i.MX31, and Dual Xscale 81342 process is available free of charge by downloading from the company’s Web site.

Macraigor Systems LLC , 1-617-739-8693,

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