Demo board speeds development of motion sensing applications -

Demo board speeds development of motion sensing applications

mCube released the DB3672B demo board, featuring its MC3672 and MC3635 three-axis accelerometers, as a demonstration platform for the internet of moving things (IoMT). The board enables users to demo use cases such as user interface, activity tracking, and power management for wearables, hearables, and medical devices.

The demonstration platform showcases the MC3672 (1.1 × 1.3 × 0.74 mm CSP) and MC3635 (1.6 × 1.6 × 0.94 mm LGA) ultra-low-power, three-axis accelerometers by providing g-force data to a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4. Motion sensing algorithms are performed in firmware on the MCU to demonstrate a variety of uses cases. Demo results and status are displayed live on the on-board OLED display. The board includes a USB/UART interface for firmware upgrades and external power.

The DB3672B demonstrations include:

  • Raw data live display (x/y/z g-force)

  • Tap/double tap/triple tap

  • Shake

  • Free fall

  • Tilt (pitch and roll)

  • Face side

  • Activity detection (still, walk, run)

  • Step counter

  • Jump rope counter

  • Sniff mode (power switch)

The DB3672B Demo Board is available through mCube’s franchised distributors, including Mouser and Arrow. Visit mCube for the latest documentation, including the quick start guide (QSG) and comprehensive user guide. Sample code for the most popular DB3672B algorithms is available on GitHub.

>> This article was originally published on our sister site, Electronic Products:”Demo board showcases MEMS motion sensors for IoMT.”

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