Demo shows Renesas MS7724 booting Linux in less than one second -

Demo shows Renesas MS7724 booting Linux in less than one second

A demonstration platform has been developed that shows a Renesas Electronics MS7724 platform booting a Linux kernel and graphical QT application in less than one second.

The demonstration, put together by Renesas and its Platinum Alliance Partner MPC Data Ltd (Trowbridge, UK), adds support for the SH7724 Renesas Electronics 32-bit SuperH microprocessor to MPC Data's swiftBoot offering.

Based on the SH4A core, the SH7724 operates at 500MHz delivering 900DMIPS and 3.5GFLOPS of performance. It features hardware video processing and graphics acceleration allowing up to 720p video at 30fps, and an integrated LCD control unit.

Focusing on device specific tuning, MPC Data is able to cold boot to a functional application in less than a second on a broad range of SoCs, development boards and core architectures.

Some of the  market sectors that can benefit from quicker boot times include portable navigation to provide instant instrumentation feedback; video conference system / security systems, in-home display for metering; media players and digital cameras; power management where swiftBoot can be used as an alternative to complex power management and hibernation modes that can have substantial development costs; and industrial where minimal down time is needed for industrial control embedded devices between reboots, firmware upgrades, and reconfiguration.

The demonstration can also be seen at .

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