Demonstrator for wireless healthcare monitoring -

Demonstrator for wireless healthcare monitoring


LONDON — Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies, a joint venture between Toumaz Technology and Advance Nanotech, has developed a board level demonstrator of the Bio-Nano Sensium (BNS) ultra-lower power wireless monitoring system with the potential to revolutionise healthcare management.

The BNS system is based on the Sensium disposable sensor interface chip from Toumaz Technology (Abingdon, U.K.). The small battery size means that it can be implanted in or worn on the body with complete freedom of movement, unlike existing bulky monitoring solutions.

The Sensium is compatible with a range of sensors and can be configured to detect vital signs such as ECG, blood oxygen and glucose, body temperature, and even motion and mobility. With the ability to wirelessly transmit 'problem' event data to network nodes, these locally intelligent sensor interface devices provide a new way of monitoring and treatment of chronic conditions.

The demonstration board incorporates the Toumaz ultra-low power wireless platform and Nanopower Sensor Protocol (NSP) operating system, sensor inputs and drivers, and leverages AMx technology principles to produce a flexible and reconfigurable interface, a micro-controller, a USB interface, and a graphical user interface (GUI) to ease set up and programming.

For partners and system integrators, the demonstrator provides a working platform for obtaining configuration data, developing control and calibration algorithms for bio-nano sensors, and optimising the NSP wireless operating protocol for specific applications. Trials of the single chip BNS system are planned for the second quarter of 2006. Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies is a joint venture between Toumaz Technology and Advance Nanotech (New York City and London) formed to create bio-nano sensors that can be implanted within the body to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. The development effort will focus on the information and communication technology systems necessary for these sensors to interact with their surrounding environment.

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