DENoe.LIN aids simulation and test of the LIN2.0-reconfiguration -

DENoe.LIN aids simulation and test of the LIN2.0-reconfiguration


LONDON — Version 5.1 of the DENoe.LIN development and test tool enables simulation and test of the reconfiguration of a LIN2.0 network as well as adding special stress and test functions.

DENoe.LIN from Vector provides an automatic simulation of the Slave reconfiguration and is capable of modeling both LIN2.0-Slaves with and without volatile memory. A LIN2.0-Master can be simulated using the Interactive Master.

All the components of a LIN network can be modelled, and with DENoe.LIN it is possible to model and simulate up to 32 LIN systems in parallel. Schedule tables can be created for the reconfiguration per drag-and-drop using the new LIN Schedule Designer for LIN2.0. The reconfiguration and other schedule tables can be interactively sent and tested during the measurement using the Interactive Master for LIN2.0.

DENoe.LIN 5.1 and the latest LIN-firmware for Vector XL-hardware interfaces now provides a number of new stress functions. The LIN stress feature set allows all sorts of protocol errors to be programmed. For example: invalid parity or checksum, non-compliant Sync Break or Sync Delimiter and short message errors. It is also possible to manipulate the LIN protocol during the measurement.

User-defined and reusable protocol and application tests can be defined for LIN nodes with the “Test Feature Set for LIN”. The test-case descriptions can defined either using the C-like programming language CAPL or with the aid of XML test patterns. The generated test results are automatically recorded in a XML report.

DENoe.LIN can also be expanded to include CAN features, for those wanting to model, simulate and test CAN-LIN gateways.

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