Densitron completes HMI package with new ‘Aurora SBX’ SBC -

Densitron completes HMI package with new ‘Aurora SBX’ SBC


Densitron has launched its new single board computer appropriately named “Aurora SBX” along with its extremely versatile application-specific software. Aurora SBX combines with and supports a variety of Densitron displays to provide a Human Machine Interface (HMI) package. Designed specifically to drive various displays from within Densitron’s vast range – with PCT multitouch or haptic input and up to full HD resolution – and to fit within a 5” display outline, the package provides an out-of-the-box, development-ready solution which can be integrated without substantial development resources.

Aurora SBX is a small form factor embedded board based on ARM Cortex-A9 architecture and built on the NXP i.MX6 application processor family, providing low-cost, efficient power usage and heat dissipation, making it suitable for any application across a range of markets from consumer to industrial. In addition, it is possible for the SBC to be tailored to the customers’ requirements by providing different configurations of its main components. Its main strength, however, is the seamless interaction of the HMI package components and display support, creating a development-friendly and stable environment for HMI applications.

The SBC, in combination with a display, provides the main building block to drive the interface between the user and the system. In addition, Densitron provides stable software and development tools to build and run a graphics-rich GUI to present system information and provide input via touchscreen or other devices. Possible applications include control or input panels for a number of appliances and machines: status and alarm displays (e.g. as part of an industrial PLC or SCADA system), home automation, information panels, digital signage, security and many others.

Aurora SBX can also be used independently without a display (as a ‘headless’ device) becoming a link (controller or server) between various subsystems, gathering, storing and/or transmitting data, as well as communicating with subsystems and embedded devices using numerous supported interfaces.

In parallel with the launch of Aurora SBX, Densitron has also released a development kit which includes everything needed to quickly setup and start the board, a choice of Linux and Android BSPs to run it, and a USB stick containing a preconfigured development virtual machine with Qt ecosystem which provides a complete application and GUI development environment. Together with a variety of Densitron Display Adapters, this kit will kick start the development of the end user’s application.

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