DENSO lambda probes interface with dSPACE RapidPro -

DENSO lambda probes interface with dSPACE RapidPro


The DS1639 signal conditioning module (SC-UHEGO 2/1) for dSPACE's RapidPro hardware now supports quick connection of DENSO's lambda probes PLUS5.0 and PLUS5.1 to dSPACE prototyping systems.

The  lambda probes' features include faster warm-up and activation times. This enhances their cold-start behavior and gives them dynamic behavior in operation.

The DS1639 provides input channels for two DENSO lambda probes, plus software configuration of the lambda measurement range and diagnostics functions. An example model for integrating the lambda probes into the MATLAB/Simulink modeling environment can be provided by dSPACE.

The modular, compact RapidPro hardware from dSPACE provides signal conditioning and power stages for connecting automotive sensors and actuators to dSPACE prototyping systems. RapidPro provides a number of modules for different sensors and actuators as well as the DS1639 signal conditioning module (SC-UHEGO 2/1).  

The RapidPro modules can be combined in a number of ways and can be used in-vehicle as well on a test bench and in a laboratory.


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