DESIGN East - aicas releases Realtime, Multicore JamaicaVM for VxWorks -

DESIGN East – aicas releases Realtime, Multicore JamaicaVM for VxWorks

aicas announces the release of Realtime Multicore JamaicaVM development toolchain and runtime for Wind River Systems VxWorks Realtime Operating System. Multicore JamaicaVM combines a global realtime thread scheduler with a parallel and concurrent, fully preemptive, thread distributed, garbage collector.

Using Multicore JamaicaVMVxWorks, developers are able to develop hard realtime applications on multicore CPU archictectures using the Java programming language. The combination of VxWorks realtime kernel with JamaicaVM's embedded, optimizing compiler, Realtime Specification for Java support, and multicore runtime delivers scalability and performance to the embedded software industry.

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With the release of Multicore JamaicaVM on VxWorks, aicas now offers a path for developers to scale their applications from small singlecore CPU to large multicore CPU architectures without recompiling their Java language source code. JamaicaVM, the flagship product of aicas, is a hard realtime runtime environment incorporating deterministic garbage collection technologies for running realtime Java programs using the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) extensions and standard Java classes. JamaicaVM is available for 32-bit and 64-bit CPU architectures and for singlecore and multicore systems.

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