DESIGN East - Green Hills adds more processors, reliability, and speed to its Compiler toolchain -

DESIGN East – Green Hills adds more processors, reliability, and speed to its Compiler toolchain


Green Hills Software has announced a new release of its Green Hills Compiler toolchain. New, cutting-edge processors supported out-of-the-box include
Freescale Qorivva MPC57xx automotive processors, the first of several releases on an aligned roadmap with Freescale Semiconductor; Freescale e6500 core QorIQ T4240 network processors with AltiVec support; the newest Freescale PX-series microcontrollers; ARM Cortex-A7, Cortex-R5, and Cortex-R7.

Software reliability, efficiency, and productivity improvements include:

A utility that statically computes maximum stack usage, even in programs that use traditionally insurmountable features such as recursion, interrupts, and function pointers. This powerful new utility increases reliability and slashes costs by helping developers avoid stack overflows and reduce memory requirements in complex systems.
A new generation of coverage analysis technology that dramatically improves the efficiency of coverage-instrumented code, empowering developers to perform rigorous testing and quality control.
Advanced optimizations that free developers to reap the benefits of C++ programming abstractions without being shackled down by the usual “C++ performance tax.”
Reduction of run-time stack use, enabling aggressive speed optimizations in the most memory-constrained embedded systems.
New CPU dependent and independent optimizations that generate the smallest, fastest code in the industry.

Green Hills Compiler 2012.5 is available immediately for ARM, Power, x86, MIPS, and ColdFire processor architectures.

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