DESIGN East - Parasoft introduces its Open Embedded Testing Platform -

DESIGN East – Parasoft introduces its Open Embedded Testing Platform


Parasoft has released its Parasoft Open Embedded Testing platform at DESIGN East Boston. The platform can integrate with open-source and 3rd party tools, which gives embedded software engineers comprehensive control and process visibility throughout the embedded software development lifecycle.

Leveraging Parasoft's Embedded Testing Platform, organizations can uniformly apply a comprehensive array of testing practices across the organization, yielding more consistent and more predictable project outcomes. This approach eliminates the ad hoc or inconsistent application of analysis tools and software engineering best practices, which provides organizations with the best opportunity to achieve industry and/or regulatory compliance.

Parasoft's Embedded Testing platform is the industry's most comprehensive, featuring a policy-driven process that integrates the following practices:

Static analysis (in-line, pattern-based, flow-based, metrics)
Unit testing (test generation, execution, optimization)
Peer code review (preparation, notification, tracking)
Coverage analysis (from the unit level to application level)
Test on target, host, or simulator
Environment Integration (IDE, source, compiler, parser, board, etc.)
Runtime error detection (resource & memory leaks, race conditions, exceptions, etc.)
Traceability (requirements, code, defects, code reviews, tests, etc.)

Parasoft will be showcasing its Open Embedded Testing platform at DESIGN East in Boston. Attendees are invited to a demonstration of Parasoft's Embedded Testing platform capabilities at booth 315. You will:

Learn how a policy-driven approach can help prevent errors through a process that establishes management expectations
Learn how Parasoft's Embedded Testing platform measures productivity and consistency
Discover the value of centralizing results and reports generated by Parasoft as well other integrated tools
Gain an understanding of how policies can help achieve compliance for your safety-critical/embedded development software.

More information , or booth 315 at DESIGN East.

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