Design help at Embedded World -

Design help at Embedded World


Toshiba Electronics is to hold a forum during Embedded World 2003 for developers of system-on-chip (SoC) multimedia applications. The MeP User Forum will be based on Toshiba's open and scalable Media embedded Processor (MeP), an embedded RISC platform that enables designers to develop a variety of optimised SoCs.

The MeP User Forum will bring together SoC development engineers, software designers, and R&D managers with system architects, tool providers, and design partners actively involved in supporting the MeP concept and developing MeP-based modules.

The MeP platform provides an integrated hardware and software development environment that facilitates customized configurations and extensions of the basic 32-bit configurable and synthesisable MeP RISC core. Third parties can add their own extensions such as DSPs, VLIW coprocessors, and instruction sets to create optimised, application-specific MeP modules.

Toshiba's MeP User Forum runs from 10.00am to 5pm on 19th February. Potential attendees can register online.

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