Design platform eases three-phase motor drive use of STM32 -

Design platform eases three-phase motor drive use of STM32


STMicroelectronics is increasing support for its advanced microcontrollers in motor-control designs by providing an enhanced software library extends efficient building-block design approach to entry-level and high-end applications, and is first to support dual-motor control. A graphical configuration tool also simplifies customization.

The STM32 software building blocks and graphical tool will simplify design and speed up development of energy-saving intelligent motor drives for applications such as white goods, air conditioners, industrial automation, power tools and fitness equipment.
The STM32 FOC PMSM SDK v3.0 motor-control firmware library release adds support for the STM32 value line series (STM32F100x), enabling designers to realize intelligent drives at lower price points for highly cost-sensitive applications.

It also targets the STM32 performance line high-density series (STM32F103xx), exploiting the large program flash memory combined with the extended peripherals, to implement a dual-motor drive in a single controller.

This is the first ST library to support dual motor controls.

A further innovation which is part of ST’s motor-drive solution is the MC Workbench v1.0.2, which is a graphical PC tool for the configuration of the firmware library. This simplifies the task of assembling the blocks and customizing the drive to perform as required.
STM32 microcontrollers feature an advanced architecture that delivers high processing performance and integrates functions such as the timers needed for motor control at highly competitive cost. ST has more than 180 STM32 variants, from low-cost devices to versions offering high feature integration, performance and memory density. Pin-assignment, peripherals and software compatibility enhances scalability and flexibility for developers.
By using the STM32 firmware library, designers can configure controllers for 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors, using field oriented control; a key algorithm for an efficient, silent and responsive motor drive. The library provides a set of functionalities, including both torque control and speed control with on-the-fly switching capability, and advanced features such as ST’s patented algorithm for single-shunt resistor-based current reading, MTPA for IPMSM, flux weakening, feed forward and brake strategy. The C-code provided conforms to MISRA-C 2004 rules and ISO/ANSI standards.
The library contains IP blocks supporting speed and position detection using sensors such as Hall-effect or encoder devices, or sensorless algorithms. By supporting several configurations, the library gives designers flexibility to choose the approach that best suits their application. This latest version of the software library also provides designers with extra control to customize aspects such as, for instance, microcontroller pin assignments and an application example based on the FreeRTOS operating system.
Using the graphical configuration tool MC Workbench v1.0.2, designers can build and optimize their drives without the need to edit code directly.

The STM3210B-MCKIT starter kit is ready to run, containing a motor-control board, processor board and 3-phase brushless motor, as well as software libraries and development/debugging tools.

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