DESIGN West - LDRA integrates NI TestStand and NI VeriStand -

DESIGN West – LDRA integrates NI TestStand and NI VeriStand

The combination of National Instruments' NI TestStand ready-to-run test management software and NI VeriStand real-time test configuration software provides an automated real-time testing platform  for applications like hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. The LDRA tool suite analyzes the software in detail and assesses whether all lines of code execute during testing. Instead of switching between the LDRA tools suite and NI’s tools to execute tests and collect dynamic analysis data, developers can invoke the tools from within the NI environment. The application can be instrumented, analyzed, and tested for complete coverage without any need for dual configuration of the tools, export/import of data, or recreation of test components and application functionality.

The integration brings together the reporting and documentation of the tools, so instead of having to compare disparate reports to identify problem areas and debug application behavior, reports are tied together. From within the NI tools, developers can trace unexpected behavior to see the way that data is being passed between I/O channels, how program modules exchange the data in real time, and whether something in the code has contributed to a memory overwrite.

The integration also provides documentation needed for certification compliance. The LDRA tool suite confirms compliance to a broad range of industry standards such as avionics (DO-178B/C), automotive (ISO 26262), high-speed rail (EN 50128), and industrial safety (IEC 61508), along with many others. The LDRA tool suite findings combine with those of the NI tools to provide a coherent, complete set of system certification documents.

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