DESIGN West - McObject adds new tools to eXtremeDB 5.0 embedded DBMS -

DESIGN West – McObject adds new tools to eXtremeDB 5.0 embedded DBMS


McObject has released eXtremeDB 5.0, the latest upgrade of its embedded database system, with new features that make eXtremeDB’s clustering faster and more flexible, and further simplify its administration. Additional improvements in version 5.0 accelerate performance across the eXtremeDB product family – including in its high availability, in-memory database system (IMDS), 64-bit and other editions – and provide new tools to make application development faster and easier.

New features in eXtremeDB Cluster 5.0 include:

  • A local tables option that exempts specified eXtremeDB tables from cluster-wide replication, to accelerate processing at the local node. Local tables are shareable, when desired, through a scatter/gather mechanism
  • Dynamic clustering, which enables nodes to join and leave clusters without interrupting processing. This further simplifies administration for a clustering database technology that counts minimal run-time maintenance as a defining characteristic
  • Support for Infiniband switched fabric interconnect. Infiniband reduces communication latency between eXtremeDB Cluster nodes and improve throughput and scalability
  • Support for the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard, which increases messaging efficiency for parallel processing on distributed-memory systems (i.e. clusters) to deliver higher speed and scalability. Open and widely-used, MPI provides additional benefits of developer familiarity and more portable code

In McObject’s tests, eXtremeDB Cluster using Infiniband and MPI performed more than 7.5x faster than the same system implemented with “plain vanilla” gigabit networking (TCP/IP and Ethernet). MPI can also be used over Ethernet-TCP, and in McObject’s tests this combination performed almost 1.5x faster than using TCP/IP over Ethernet. eXtremeDB Cluster’s Infiniband and MPI support is provided on Linux in the current release.

eXtremeDB 5.0 also adds support for nullable data types, or the ability to set data types to the special value NULL. This provides greater flexibility in representing missing or inapplicable information in query results. eXtremeDB’s NULL value support extends to both its SQL and native C/C++, Java and .NET application programming interfaces (APIs).

Visit McObject at booth 1625 at DESIGN West

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