Comparing microcontroller real-time operating systems

Sergey Kolesnik, Telecard-Pribor Ltd.

December 08, 2013

Sergey Kolesnik, Telecard-Pribor Ltd.December 08, 2013

Some features are claimed by vendors but did not match our experience with the product. In the case of a conflict our judgement of the feature was used (i.e., modularity claimed but poor in our experience).

From these tables, you can compare to see if the vendors have what you need now and what you need in the future, either as an offering now or as a roadmap item. All the data in the table was updated for October 31, 2013. If you wish to add other vendors, this table should be suitable for the comparison.

Sergey Kolesnik has spent more than 20 years developing embedded systems and software for a broad set of devices in industrial automation, smart cards, telecommunications, Internet systems, energy metering and more. Sergey graduated from the Polytechnic University, Odessa, UKR with an EE-Electrical Drives and Industrial Automation. Sergey is currently the manager of the Microprogramming Department at Telecard-Pribor Ltd. He can be contacted at or

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